I've uploaded a

PDF document
about my

SqlTx class library
This is a first draft and I do need to put a little more effort
into it but I wanted to post what I'd done so far because I won't
have much time spare this week now to go further. I've tried to
explain the the justification for writing the library and the
assumptions that went into it. I've also described how the code
works to a degree but you should probably read this whilst also
looking at the source code.

One thing I didn't mention before is that the SQL scripts and
the C# code for the data components in the unit tests code were
generated automatically from a tool using an XML description
of the data and methods. I plan to release this VS.NET code
generator too once I've tidied up the source. It is amazing how
much more productive you feel when you can implement T-SQL stored
procedures and a C# data layer complete with transaction support
just by describing the data and operations you want leaving you to
get on with the business logic.

As always I would appreciate any feedback you have about this