Automatic Managed SQL Server Transactions…

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Automatic Managed SQL Server Transactions

I’ve uploaded a setup package for my SqlTx code. This includes the source code, NDoc documentation, and binaries including an NUnit test harness.

To build the source you will need the following:

  • VS.NET to build the solution
  • NDoc (I am using version 1.1c) - the solution references NDoc in “C:Program FilesNDoc” so you’ll need to make some adjustments if you have it elsewhere
  • NUnit 2.0 if you want to build and run the unit tests - again this is referenced in “C:Program FilesNUnit V2.0”
  • You will need to create a key file VTSql.snk in the src folder (I didn’t include mine)
  • To run the unit tests you will need a database configured with the two scripts in the database project and, if the connection string is different, you will need to update it in the ConnectionString class file

I will post my draft documentation later today once I’ve made a few more changes.