John St. Clair @ 12/04/2002 03:17 PM. I’m not sure
I agree with you on VSS integration problems — I’ve seen a few,
but generally I’m pretty happy. But your include problem seems
fairly easy to fix: In VSS, create a subproject (subfolder) of your
current solution. Share the files from the other folder into it,
and then do a get latest from VS.NET. Since the files are shared,
changes made in your project will be propagated back. Kind of a
hack, but it should work.

Don’t get me wrong – I am generally pretty happy with
VS.NET in terms of the full product, but some parts do feel like a
retrograde step. Yes, I could share the files and change the
location of the relevant files in the project to use the
integration. There are a couple of hundred of them
organised in subfolders below the main include directory so it
would be a bit of a pain. I also probably end up having to do
this with the other projects that use the common include files
and then I need to keep ensuring that I’ve got the latest version
for each project before I build it rather than just once for all of
them. I just feel a bit let down because this worked fine