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  • Internet Explorer 6 Fitted-Width Printing
    Have you ever printed a web page only to find that the right-hand edge is missing? This is for you. First, this download page will install the control. After installation, close the browser window and reopen a new one. You should have a new printer icon with a small ‘W’ next to it on the toolbar. Press this to bring up a print dialog which will then print the page fitted to the width of your paper. Alternatively, hold down the Control key while pressing the button and you will get a print preview instead.

    29/Jan/2003: I’ve updated the download version so that it should hopefully fix the problem with IE6 SP1. Your Downloaded Program Files should list IEPrint with version after installing this version (the previous version was

  • Outlook 2002/2003 Attachment Security Unlock Applet
    This is the most popular download on the site by far. If you get the message “Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments” and need to get to those attachments, look no further. This applet does the registry tweaking that allows you to save and or open those files.

    Updated 18-Feb-2004 with Outlook 2003 version.

  • Automatic Managed SQL Transactions (SqlTx)
    Wouldn’t it be nice to write attributed code that handled automatic enlistment into transactions and automatic commits/rollbacks but that just used SQL Server’s own transaction support?

    This is yet another SQL transaction library, but I hope with some differences. For example, much of the code that I’ve seen in the past didn’t really answer the n-tier question for me: how do you use this to write business layer and data layer components that work well together in a consistent manner.

    There is also the documentation that I promised.

  • ATL Active Script Engine Wrapper
    If you want to host an active script engine in your ATL project, you can add this include file and away you go.
  • VTCaster
    This handy little component allows you to access custom interfaces on you COM components from script and ASP pages.
  • Windows Syslog Daemon
    My ISDN router sends out syslog messages for connect and disconnect events. This service runs on Windows 2000 (and probably Windows NT 4.0) and automatically records all syslog messages to the Windows Event Log.
  • Windows Installer Fix Send-To applet
    If you build Windows Installer MSI files using Visual Studio Installer and, as part of your installation, you create shortcuts in the Windows SendTo folder, you will find that they don’t work on all platforms (notably Win9x). Run FixSendTo on your MSI file and the database will be updated to use normal shortcuts and everything will work as you planned.
  • TrayFinger
    A nifty little applet that runs in the Windows system tray and allows you to finger your favourite addresses. One cool feature allows you to automatically finger a particular address as soon as your modem connects. This could be useful, say, for automatically starting an SMTP download if your ISP provides such a service.
  • CaseTool for Windows
    Your favourite graphics program saves your files with a .GIF extension, and your web pages link to .gif files. Simply select the files you wish to convert, drag ‘n’ drop them onto CaseTool and voila! Their names are converted! Want to convert from UPPER to lower? Right-click on CaseTool and the conversion direction is reversed!
  • Justerini & Brooks 250th Anniversary Screen Saver
    This screen saver was released in 1999 to celebrate 250 years of Justerini & Brooks. Party poppers fly around the screen releasing J&B related patterns.