WinFS – it’s what people want

I made it back from the PDC yesterday after staying on for a few
days in LA. Just got to get over the jet lag again now – currently
have little clue what day it is let alone which time zone I’m

While I was in the queue for check in at LAX, I was chatting to
the person ahead of me in the line. When I mentioned the new file
system and told how it was sort of a combination of a database and
a file store I got kind of a blank look (understandably). When I
explained that it meant you could tag your files with different
information like the project it was for and the author of the
document and then explore your files in different ways depending
how you wanted to his eyes lit up. “We always have that problem”,
he said. “We never know what folder hierarchy to use, whether to
use project name or client name or whatever.”

You know what? I think this thing might catch on.