Last minute change

So, I made a last minute decision to attend a different session
than I had planned. When I arrived at the room for Indigo Web
Services Protocols and Architecture, there was a pretty big crowd
of people waiting outside and the theatre there isn’t so big so I
decided to try something else.

I went to the WinFS: File System and Storage Advances in
Windows “Longhorn”: Overview
presented by Quentin Clark. I was
a little underwhelmed by the WinFS concept but this session filled
me with enthusiasm. The data model is simple yet powerful, which in
general suggests a really well thought out approach that appears
more obvious than it actually is.

The combination of a relational model that also uses XML with an
NTFS stream based file system is a difficult one to get your head
around. I certainly can’t claim to have thought through many of the
implications of this and, in fact, the session generated about a
million new questions in my mind. It’ll be great to get Longhorn
installed and give it a go.