Fixing Outlook 2003 Beta 2

Outlook 2003 Beta 2 Users: Here’s the Fix for All the

To fix Outlook 2003 beta 2, you must delete your current
Outlook profile and create a new one. The problem is that when you
delete your profile, you essentially lose all the information in
your local folders (e.g., email, calendar, contacts), so note all
your email account settings and back up your local folders before
beginning the fix process. (I usually just export the relevant
folders to individual .pst files, but–again–drop me a note if you
need help with this process.) Then, to delete your profile,
right-click Microsoft Outlook in the top of the Windows XP Start
Menu (or open the Control Panel Mail applet), then click the Show
Profiles button. Select your current profile (it will probably be
the only profile), and click Remove. Remember: You MUST back up
your data before deleting the profile. Click Add to create a new
profile, supply a name, and, if the new profile is the only
profile, choose the option “Always use this profile”. When you
restart Outlook, you’ll need to reenter your email account
information and import all the data you exported. I’ve been testing
this fix for 2 weeks, and I haven’t had many hard crashes; every
once in a while, Outlook hangs briefly but then springs back to
life. In the past, the beta crashed every hour or two. The fix is a
huge improvement, and yes, the problem is already fixed in
post-beta 2 builds internally at Microsoft. Let me know if you have
any questions. And, please: Back up before you apply this

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