HTML Tidy from .NET

I've been looking at the
HTML Tidy Library
on Dave
HTML Tidy program and I wanted a way to call into the
library from .NET. The two links to .NET bindings on the site point
to code that uses COM Interop which seemed a little odd.
Surprisingly, Charles Reitzel's
Tidy Add-ons
says "Managed C++ is simply too different from real
C++ to be useful, imo. Or, as I like to say,
C++ is neither.
" Now, that
be right

can it
? :o)

So this is my first cut at a

MC++ binding for HTML Tidy
. I pulled down the source to
libtidy, converted the VC6 workspace to VC7 and built a release
library (that's included in the libtidylib folder of the zip
download). This zip file contains the source and a release binary.
I haven't included support for callbacks or for processing thr HTML
Node model because I don't need those right now.