This is my first hit at an Internet Explorer add-in to support
"width-fitted" printing. Have you ever printed a web page only to
find that the right-hand edge is missing? This is for you. First,

this download page
will install the control. After
installation, close the browser window and reopen a new one. You
should have a new printer icon with a small 'W' next to it on the
toolbar. Press this to bring up a print dialog which will then
print the page fitted to the width of your paper. Alternatively,
hold down the Control key while pressing the button and you will
get a print preview instead.

To remove the control, go to Tools, Internet Options, General,
Temporary Internet Files Settings, View Objects. In the window that
pops up, find the IEPrint control, right-click and choose

I've tried this on IE6 with WinXP and Win2K. It ought to work on
IE5.5 too.