Dell XPS M1330

1 minute read

I’ve been considering buying a new laptop for home for a little while. I want something I can take away with me that contains no work stuff so that, especially when I’m on holiday, I can keep in touch with friends and family but not be lured into looking at work. I toyed briefly with the idea of a fancy Apple MacBook but I can’t really justify the price premium. I’ve been thinking about the Dell XPS M1330 for a while - it gets good reviews and is lightweight and portable.

I read Brad Wilson’s post about also buying one yesterday and it tipped me over the edge. From seeing Brad’s posts and mails to the WinOffTopic list, I know he has a reputation for selecting good quality hardware. So today, credit card in hand, it was off to the Dell site and they now have my order. In the UK it’s not possible to order some of the options Brad selected. They don’t have the SSD option for example. I’m not sure I’d have gone for that, though, these disks are still pretty expensive and I can always buy one later when the price comes down.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to receiving it in a couple of weeks and hope it lives up to its reputation.