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I’ve been running MaxiVista for a while now. For the few not in the know, this application allows you to use the screen on other computers to appear as an additional video adapter so you can extend your desktop across the network.

For example, I have two laptops on my desk: the main one that I’m using to type this, and an older one that, amongst other things, has a different build environment. The old one sits unused most of the time so using MaxiVista, I can use it as an additional screen. To be honest, I’m not really into multi-screen PCs that much so this is an ideal solution because I’m not wasting space with a second monitor but it’s there when I really do need it. Right now I have a Remote Desktop session into a server in our lab on the second screen - it is great for this.

Amongst the features in the new version of MaxiVista is the ability to use the keyboard and mouse of the primary PC to control the secondary PC, sort of like a software KVM switch. I was using a different application to achieve that before but this is much smoother. It also transfers clipboard contents so you can cut and paste between computers.

Anyway, check out the new version - highly recommended.