Pregenerated XmlSerializer assemblies with .NET 1.1

With .NET 2.0, there is an SDK tool
sgen that allows you to pregenerate the assemblies
produced by the XmlSerializer. When you instantiate an
XmlSerializer on a given type for the first time, the code
internally writes out a C# source file that contains the code to
save and load the appropriate XML. This gets compiled into a
temporary assembly and means that the first time you hit this code,
there is a delay while this accomplished.

This can be quite noticeable for web service clients hitting a
complex service or a number of different services, particularly if
the application is often started to perform a particular operation
and then closed afterwards. The serializer cost is paid each time
the application is run.

There is a
available from Microsoft PSS that provides support for
pregenerated XmlSerializer assemblies for web service clients with
.NET 1.1 (SP1).