Channel 9 content

There have been some interesting Channel 9 videos recently. The
video with
was about 90 minutes long but interesting all the way
through. I cited the
interview the

other day
. Today there is an enthralling piece with
about Longhorn and his vision for the Windows

The thing that I found most interesting was the insight into the
purpose of showing Longhorn at
WinHEC. There has
been some disappointment in the press and on the Windows fan sites
about the impression received about Longhorn. As Jim phrased it,
WinHEC wasn't supposed to be a launch party for Longhorn. This show
is targeted at hardware people and in this instance, a large part
was to explain and encourage the new driver models for the next
version of Windows.

I wonder whether it might have been sensible to point this out
before the event rather than afterwards but corporate PR works in
ways beyond my realm of knowledge.