Still kicking

Following in a great
, I joined Microsoft at the beginning of June and my
blog fell silent. Given the erratic nature of my past blogging
frequency, this will have gone largely unnoticed.

Things have been pretty busy settling in and although I’ve tried
to keep up with blog reading, I’ve not really managed that well
reaching a peak of around 2800 unread posts at one point. With some
aggressive deleting, I’m down to double figures and there are a
fair few things I want to read out of that list.

With a shiny new domain name for home, I am hoping that once I’m
caught up I will have time and motivation to get back into posting.
Now that my blog is no longer part of promoting my consultancy
business, I will give myself more freedom in the topics I choose to
post about but this will remain largely .NET related.

Finally, I’d like to say a public thank you to all the people
that wished me well with the new job. It was very much