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I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that, in common with others in the blog community, I was trying out David Allen’s GTD methodology.

With a few days left on the trial version, I’ve parted with the cash to buy the GTD add-in for Outlook. It has made a real difference ensuring that I keep a consistent view of all my outstanding tasks and making it easy to turn e-mail messages into appropriate tasks.

After two weeks, I can still see my desk, the floor surrounding my desk, and I don’t have half-read mail scattered around the house: everything is either done with or sitting in my pending tray with an associated Outlook task. I’ve long been a proponent of the phrase “you gotta have a system” but, until this, I hadn’t found a workable system.

I may be speaking too soon (I’ve only been following this regime for a short time) but I’m hoping it will stick. I already feel more organised!