Spam filtering mail

A couple of months ago I was

scouting around for a spam filtering service
that would act as
an SMTP relay and filter out spam into a separate mailbox. The
primary reason for this was so that when I’m out and about, I can
download e-mail onto my SmartPhone without having 50 junk e-mail
clogging it up, wasting my GPRS bandwidth, and generally masking
the legitimate messages.

I didn’t have any luck with splagger – they didn’t respond to my
enquiry – and everything else similar was aimed at large business
and was way too expensive.

I think I’ve gone with the next best thing and I’ve been using
the godaddy
e-mail service
for the last month or so. The great thing about
this service is that you can install an application on your desktop

Spam Xploder
that allows you to train the spam filters by
dragging and dropping good and bad mail from Outlook or Outlook
Express and it uploads the processed data to your account. This
gives a Bayesian filter but on the server-side, which is just what
I wanted.

One problem area in the sign-up process is that it won’t let you
configure your mailboxes until you have pointed your MX records at
their servers but of course once you’ve done that, you mail will
bounce until you do configure them. Unfortunate but I guess
designed to reduce support costs for average users who wouldn’t
know an MX record if it jumped out and bit them on the nose.

One thing that isn’t clear from the site information is that if
you sign up for a package including multiple mailboxes, those
mailboxes don’t appear to need to be in the same domain name, so if
you have a few domains and one mailbox in each then this works out

I’ve been very pleased with the service – if 4 or 5 messages in
one week get misinterpreted as spam or don’t get caught then it is
having a bad week. I just log in to the web mail every day or so to
check through the filtered messages and purge them from the store.
If you need something like this, I’d certainly recommend them.