Really Getting Things Done

It’s been some weeks since
mentioned attending a David Allen seminar
. He made a few
follow-up posts and I was initially sceptical. However, with his
and others’ influence, a couple of GTD people, including David
himself, started blogging and I subscribed to the feeds.

Little by little, the things that were said started to make
sense to me and after perusing the
GTD web site looking at the
hints and tips I was convinced that this was something I could

I bought

the book
from Amazon UK and I’ve read 3/4 of it so far.
Yesterday, I drove to the nearest Staples and bought the supplies
I’d need to implement the system including one of these
labelling machines
, some new letter trays, and a stack of new
files. I’ve collected and processed most of the bits and pieces
surrounding me and it’s amazing seeing so many horizontal surfaces
(desks, shelves, floors, etc.) not covered in piles of ‘stuff’.

I’m using the GTD add-in for Outlook 2003 that
recently and so I have a nice stack of tasks waiting to be done. I
also have a few new files and I’m running out of space in my filing
cabinet so now would be a good time to restructure things and purge
the stuff I don’t need to keep. Having a single unified A-Z filing
system already seems like such a good idea I don’t know why I
didn’t do it before.