California Dreaming

Well, I’ve been so snowed under with work stuff for the last few
weeks and I notice it’s almost 2 months since my last blog
entry(!). I’m way behind on RSS reading and will hopefully catch up
again soon.

I’m happy to say that I’ve made it to LA and arrived at the
convention centre for the PDC. Everything went smoothly with the
trip so far, apart from a slight mix up because I don’t remember
seeing any warning that we’d need photo ID to register. The letter
I had said I should hand over my badge and it would be activated –
“as easy as that”. Unfortunately, in the UK we don’t have much
official photo ID and the only thing I have with me is my passport,
which for obvious reasons I don’t generally carry everywhere. Quick
trip back to the hotel to collect that and all is well.

Given that there was a harsh frost and freezing temperatures
when I left on Friday, being in 95 degree LA heat is a chore I’m
happy to deal with.