Framework 1.1 and NUnit gotcha

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_If you're using V1.1.4322 of the frameworks, and you're writing unit tests using NUnit 2.0, you'll need to add the following to both the nunit-console.exe.config and nunit-gui.exe.config files:_ > > > > > > > > _NUnit 2.0 is compiled against V1.0 of the frameworks, and at some point you'll wind up trying to load both V1.0 and V1.1 versions of mscorlib.dll, which is prohibited by the CLR. By adding this to your application's configuration files, you'll force the NUnit test harness code to run under V1.1 of the frameworks, thereby solving your problem without forcing you to recompile the NUnit binaries._ > >

Hmmm…should probably have thought about this before I charged off and rebuilt the binaries using 1.1…