SMART disk utilities

I just downloaded a copy of
ActiveSMART after
my BIOS told me to replace my HDD on my desktop computer. The only
reason I noticed this was because I had to replace the power supply
in my desktop.

I found that this utility does a great job of telling me
exactly what my HDD’s are up to on my computer. It also helps to
demystify for me exactly what S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics actually are.
I’ve also got it set up to email me alerts if one of my computer’s
HDD’s are about to go south (it polls your HDD’s diagnostics every
hour). It’s well worth the $24.95.


I’m running SMART Defender which I got from IBM (apparently they
recently sold their hard drive business to Hitachi so you get it
there now). It’s a free download and it says it monitors
SMART-capable IDE and SCSI hard drives so presumably it works with
other makes too. I don’t know if it works – I hope I don’t find
out, but it is reporting a healthy status on my disk at the moment.