NUnit 2.1 Beta 1 Released

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NUnit 2.1 Beta 1 Released: At long last, NUnit 2.1 is released in its initial Beta version. Highlights of this release include support for the .NET framework...

sitecopy for Win32

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sitecopy is a program for maintaining and synchronizing local and remote copies of web sites. The program will upload files to the server which have changed ...

VSIP Developer Community Center

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VSIP Developer Community Center: Register to become a Visual Studio Industry partner and get FREE access to the VSIP SDK. As a VSIP you will have access to t...


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_Someone please fix the braindead implementation that loads the whole file into memory before returning it to the client._ [[Simon Fell](http://www.pocketsoa...

Filtered exception handling

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_[Duncan]( points out a [little something extra]( that VB.NET's Try...Catch ...

Creating Windows ISO CD images

less than 1 minute read Steve Shockley set me a pointer via my comments to the Windows Compact Disk Management Script. Thanks, Steve! I wish I had known about this BEF...

Static methods and locking

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Richard Birkby points to the Dr GUI article about locking with static methods: A Special Dr. GUI: Don’t Lock Type Objects!

Web Services Enhancements 2.0 Tech Preview

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Download the WSE 2.0 Technology Preview, which includes a policy framework, enhanced security model, and a lightweight, message-oriented, SOAP programming m...

DirectCast revealed

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Panopticon Central: Essentially, if you know that what you’re converting is exactly what you say it is, then you can use DirectCast to bypass the little bit...

Language divergence

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After what I wrote yesterday, I came across PaulV’s comments on the same subject:

The Big Mistage of VB.NET

1 minute read

So even though a lot of C# developers wish VB would just go away, it’s not going to happen. [Sean ‘Early’ Campbell & Scott ‘Adopter’ Swigart’s Radio Webl...

SMART disk utilities

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_I just downloaded a copy of [ActiveSMART]( after my BIOS told me to replace my HDD on my desktop computer. The only reas...