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I decided last November that I was going to find the time to develop a system to replace Radio Userland as my blogging software. Lots of people had been reporting problems with it and although that never happened to me, I wanted a platform to which I could add more dynamic features. I gave myself until the end of March to make the change, but in the end it took an extra two months to find the time to sort something out.

Using ASP.NET, I’ve finally got around to putting a basic system together. It has been a useful learning experience putting to use all the best practice information that I’ve learned over the past few months and I plan to develop further. At the present time, all I have is an unsophisticated XML/RSS item store which displays in HTML, has an RSS feed, and uses the Blogger API for posting. No comments and no support for Etag/Last-modified yet but that’ll come soon.

The old RSS feed URL will redirect for the time being, but the new url that you should use is http://www.visiontech.ltd.uk/rss/rss.aspx.

I’ve done my best to ensure that old links are mapped to the new pages but if you find anything broken, please let me know.