Abbreviated RSS fields

I have been giving some thought about this recently. I am
going to release an optional “short-description” feature tonight
that I hope everyone will use for posts longer than a sentence or
two. (instead of the full post text appearing in the feed, only the
short-description will appear). 

…but I personally want to see the number of page views vs.
Rss feed hits even out a little more. Syndirella, Newsgator, etc
are all great, but they do take away (just a little) from the
community. My hope is people will read a post, make a comment or
two, check out the referrals/pingbacks/trackbacks and all of the
other links that float around .NET Weblogs.

Sitting back using your favorite aggreator is nice, but you
are definetly missing out on the “full community” here. (NOTE: more
on this later).

I really hope this option will be selectable by the reader
rather than the blogger. One of the reasons that I am a fan of RSS
based news aggregation is that it gives me the opportunity to read
posts without having to visit the individual sites to read what
people have written.

Often, I will do an RSS download first thing in the morning
and then be able to read the posts later in the day when I might
not have Internet connectivity such as on a train or working away
from the office.

Of the feeds that I subscribe to, only a small handful have
abbreviated feeds that give only an introduction to each post and
these are the ones where I only read an occasional article. If all
the feeds that I currently subscribe to from went
this way, that would be a whole load of content from a bunch of
interesting people that I wouldn’t get to read.