Side-by-Side COM with Windows XP and .NET

Yesterday, I spent some time experimenting with the

support for COM components within Windows XP. I've
uploaded my sample code


Windows XP uses .manifest files a bit like .NET uses .config
files to describe "assemblies" and to identify where the files
containing the implementation of specific versions of COM component
are located. This works with .NET applications too and my sample
shows how to use the same .NET executable located in two different
folders to call private copies of two versions of the same VB6 COM
DLL. Incidentally, this means the DLL doesn't have to be
registered, which means I can xcopy deploy it and not need admin

My original goal was to find out whether it is possible to
deploy a .NET assembly as a COM component through interop
using the side-by-side support because this would give you xcopy
deployment with no registration required. Unfortunately, due to the
way interop assemblies are declared in the registry, I'm not
sure that this is a possibility.