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[ Craig's AppList](http://staff.develop.com/candera/weblog/stories/2003/02/14/craigsApplist.html). _I've been_[_ taking the plunge_](http://staff.develop.com/candera/weblog/2003/02/06.html)_lately and trying to do development as a non-administrator. It's been...interesting. I'm starting to get used to it now, but what has been most interesting is the list of applications that don't work, or only work with modifications. I've posted_[_this list_](http://staff.develop.com/candera/weblog/stories/2003/02/14/craigsApplist.html)_, which contains all the apps I've tried to set up so far, and whether or not they run in my new non-admin lifestyle._ [[CraigBlog](http://staff.develop.com/candera/weblog/)] > >

My experiences have been a little different to Craig’s:

  • WinKey

I started running this the other day after having seen Craig blog about it - I hadn’t realised it didn’t allow you to update it since I had installed and configured it as an administrator and then just been using it without changing settings since. I’d put this under the “Sort of” category, as long as you’ve got your settings already defined.

  • WinAmp

I didn’t like WinAmp 3, so I went back to v2.81 long ago and this runs fine so maybe it isn’t security related.

  • ActiveSync

I’m syncing my Smartphone just fine for calendar, contacts, and tasks.

  • UrlRun

I haven’t had any problems with this - seems to work fine.