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I’ve been working on fixing up my IE Printing helper which broke when IE6 SP1 was released (I think). According to Q220830 (INFO: Syntax of the Res: Protocol and Some Known Related Issues):

_You do not have to specify the whole path to the module, on the condition that the module is either in the path or is a loaded DLL._ > > _For example, you can shorten this longer path from Res://c:projectsdebugTest.exe/Test.htm to the shorter path of Res://Test.exe/Test.htm on the condition that Test.exe is in the path, in the startup directory, or in the working directory._ > >

It seems like res://myloaded.dll/page.htm now loads in the Internet zone and hence I get security errors whereas res://c:pathtomy.dll/page.htm loads in the My Computer zone and so is fine.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it documented anywhere? Is there a legitimate security reason for why they would have done this?