Don’t Forget RenderControl!. > > Is it…

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[_Don't Forget RenderControl!_]( > > _Is it possible to just get the raw HTML that is sent to the browser when a web control is rendered?_ > > _Yes, but only if you subclass the control. The method you need to call is 'Render' and it's protected. Here's a_[_quick sample_]( [_[_Wrinkled Paper_](]_ > > _Ack! No. Just call Control.RenderControl(). :-p No need to sub-class the control just to get its rendered data... If you have Visual Studio.NET installed, you can_[_read all about it here_](ms-help://MS.VSCC/MS.MSDNVS/cpref/html/frlrfSystemWebUIControlClassRenderControlTopic.htm)_._ > > _[_[_The .NET Guy_](]_ > >

Thanks Brad. :o)