I had a problem with my Cassiopeia E-105 (Windows…

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I had a problem with my Cassiopeia E-105 (Windows CE 2.11) because I let the batteries run down and it lost all my settings. I did have a backup made with ActiveSync but when I tried to restore it, it said “Restore cannot be completed successfully” and complained telling me that I was trying to restore a backup for a different device (which I wasn’t). Apparently, this is a common problem and in order to fix it you have to make sure to set the same regional settings location on the palmtop as it was when the backup was made before doing the restore.

Having done the restore and resynced all the data back in from Outlook, I next discover that the clock setting is out by one hour

  • probably something to do with daylight saving but I couldn’t see what. After another half an hour of digging, this one is also common. This time you have to set the world clock home location to Seattle, then resync the clock, and then set the location back to your actual location. And guess what, I bet this all works fine all the time for those Redmondians.

Hopefully, now all I need to do is get a new backup battery tomorrow and all will be well again.