] Your 30 day trial subscription has

Overall Radio has been  great. It
does everything I want it to and some things I didn’t know I
wanted but am now addicted to.  It’s not perfect however
– there are some annoyances,including:

*No way to manually
update News!
This one drives me nuts. I use
Radio on a laptop. It’s not all the time and often I have to use
dial-up internet.  When I open it up in the morning or dial in
from the airport or something I want to be able to tell Radio to
please go fetch news now.   As it is I set up Radio to
fetch news on startup and just restart Radio when I want to
refresh.  This (combined with criticism 2 below) means I’m
unsure on a dialup just when Radio is finished

Hear, hear. This one drives me mad too.

Radio does not start in a new browser
– Double-clicking the Radio taskbar icon lauches
radio in some random IE window.  More than once I’ve found a
site, double-clicked radio so I could link to it, then got confused
when the site’s not up anymore. 

This was one of the things that drove me to change the setting
in IE for whether or not it should reuse browser windows. I had the
same thing from Outlook too. I’m not sure how Radio launches URL’s
because it’s the only application I have that doesn’t interact with
IE correctly – it always opens a browser window, but it only
navigates to the Radio page if there is another IE window open
already. Otherwise, it just goes to the home page

Buggy html editor.  If I enter a link
for some text and then try to edit the link later the editor gets
confused. And Ctrl-Z (undo) is just broken – for instance if I
accidentally paste in some text with Ctrl-V then press Ctrl-Z the
editor doesn’t delete the text back out.

Yep, but unfortunately, this is just HTML editing with IE and
not really anything to do with Radio.

Browsing RSS updates – I love having the
RSS upates come in but the presentation of them feels very 1.0 to
me.  It would be pretty cool to browse them NNTP style like
say Forte Agent.  (in fact it should be pretty easy to
literally convert RSS feeds in NNTP and feed them to Agent).
I’ve thought about looking at other RSS browser tools, but I really
like just being able to click-and-post, and using an external tool
wouldn’t let me do that. At the very least I really would
like a button like Hotmail has that selects all the checkboxes
on the page with one click.  I sometimes dread subscribing to
a new blog, knowing that I’m gonna have to go click all those

There is a preference that says check everything by default and
then you only have to uncheck the things you want to keep before
pressing delete.

Multiple blogs? – It might be nice to
maintain several independent blogs in different places.  Radio
seems geared toward only maintaining a single blog.
Categories help but what if I want a music blog on a different
server than my professional blog?  Seems easy enough
to fix [though it might increase pressure on the poor userland
server that provides server space]. 

You can create a #upstream.xml file in your category folder to
make it get uploaded to a different location.

Flakey Comments –  Hey what do I want
for free?  The comment server at
http://radiocomments.userland.com/seems to be
down as much as it is up.

There are alternatives around – I use YACCS, but it appears that
they are no longer accepting new registrations. Try

Overall I’m having a great time with Radio, so I sent Dave
his 40 bucks and expect to be using it for some time to

I’ve used Radio for 9 months now and I’m mostly happy with it.
I’d like to move to adding some more dynamic features to the site
though and so in time I’m probably going to move to a more
home-grown blog using ASP.NET. I’m undecided whether Radio will
play a part in that – I’m a bit worried about the problems people
have reported when Radio goes bad.