I've recently bought an S-VIDEO cable for my laptop that allows
me to use my laptop as a DVD player through my VCR or TV without
everyone having to huddle around the LCD display. In order to do
this, I have to fiddle with the display settings and this
invariably ends up scattering my nicely arranged desktop icons over
the screen.

I decided to find a way to save the positions of the icons so
that they could be restored and I've created a

little applet that does just that
(C++ source included). The
basic applet saves to stdout and loads from stdin so use it as

vtdskico -save > myicons.txt

vtdskico -load < myicons.txt

The core of the save/restore functionality is in the
DesktopView.h file so feel free to reuse that class if you feel so
inclined. :o)