CaseTool for Windows - VisionTech Limited

Preaching to the Converted?

You know how it is.

Your favourite graphics program saves your files with a .GIF extension, and your web pages link to .gif files. And you’ve just done a batch conversion of 30 product shots ready to ftp to the server…

Your designer uses a Mac and saves everything in upper case. Your web server is case sensitive, and you don’t want to use upper case…

You’ve just unpacked an archive of data files from all over the World, and the files are mixed cases. The program that reads them wants them in upper case only…

There’s only one thing for it - you’re gonna have to rename them all by hand.

Don’t you just hate that?

So do we, so we’ve created CaseTool - the drag ‘n’ drop filename case converter for Windows!

CaseTool couldn’t be easier to use. Simply select the files you wish to convert, drag ‘n’ drop them onto CaseTool and voila! Their names are converted!

Want to convert from UPPER to lower? Right-click on CaseTool and the conversion direction is reversed!

Does it get any better?

Well, yes it does. Because CaseTool is such a useful tool for so many people, we’re giving it away for FREE!

Not shareware. Not a time-crippled demo. Just totally free. Download it now! [80K]

NEW BETA! The new beta [255K] supports using CaseTool from the Windows “Send To” menu. You must have the Windows Installer present on your computer to use this version. (The Windows Installer is part of Windows 2000 and Windows Me and is also installed by applications such as Microsoft Office 2000. If you don’t have the Windows Installer yet, you can download it for Windows 95/98 or for Windows NT 4.0). Please send any feedback regarding the beta version to [email protected].