How much experience is enough?

I’ve lost count of the number of times where I have seen it said that “Only experienced xxxx should try to do yyyy.” For example, “Only experienced security experts should try to build secure authentication systems.” Or, “Only experienced walkers should attempt to tackle this route through the mountains.” In all kinds of different fields,…

The problem with VB.NET default instances

Talking about the divergence between VB.NET and C# while considering their typical audiences is a common theme. The default instance support that provides singletons for common types is another example of this. In and of itself, I don't have a problem with this direction. This is a perfect example of making the things that your…

Enterprise Library

The long awaited Enterprise Library Application Blocks have been released. This release of Enterprise Library includes: Caching Application Block, Configuration Application Block, Cryptography Application Block, Data Access Application Block, Exception Handling Application Block, Logging & Instrumentation Application Block, and Security Application Block.

BizTalk updates

As many have noted, BizTalk 2004 SP1 was recently released. Possibly less well known is the fact that at the same time, the BizTalk team have moved to a “staged delivery model” for releasing product documentation. Updated documentation is available for download, as is an updated installation guide.

Log Parser 2.2

A new version of the Log Parser tool (v2.2) has just been published. Scott Hanselman posts about his experiments parsing IIS log files. This version includes a bunch of new input/output formats including tab separated text files. Not only is Log Parser a great tool for querying common Windows logs, it can be really useful…

Undocumented bugs fixed in .NET service packs

When Microsoft issues service packs for developer tools and redistributable runtimes or libraries there is usually a knowledge base article published that lists which previously documented problems and bugs have been fixed by the service pack (referring to the KB article describing each issue). These service packs usually include other fixes that were found internally…

Windows Installer 3.0 shipped

With little fanfare, it seems that Windows Installer v3.0 shipped in November. The platform SDK page about Windows Installer notes that this release includes more sophisticated patch handling and a few new enterprise management features. This version also provides some slightly less cryptic command line options.

SQL Server Tracing

There are a couple of good articles about SQL tracing in the MSDN SQL Server Developer Center pulled from SQL Server Professional magazine. Trace-scrubbing Tools and OpenSQLTrace: Automated Trace Processing and Analysis System discuss how to trace, scrub, and analyse data about the transactions occurring in SQL to identify possibly troublesome operations.