Moving on from Radio

I decided last November that I was going to find the time to develop a system to replace Radio Userland as my blogging software. Lots of people had been reporting problems with it and although that never happened to me, I wanted a platform to which I could add more dynamic features. I gave myself…

Don’t call into the CLR from SQL Server

From time to time I’ve considered making a call from a SQL Server stored proc into a .NET assembly via COM Interop using the sp_OA stored procedures as a mechanism to perform some database triggered activity (say from a scheduled job). I’ve always found a different solution in the end and it turns out to…

Don Box favours using <group> and <attributeGroup> over named complexTypes in XSLT. I’ve been having problems getting Intellisense to work correctly in VS.NET with schema using <extension> so using this approach looks like a good idea and I can nest <attributeGroup>s.

Windows Application Verifier

Craig points to a cool Microsoft tool called Windows Application Verifier, which will watch a malfunctioning app and tell you what it’s doing wrong. Perfect for the developer or QA person running as non-admin, especially if you’re debugging your own misbehaving app. [The .NET Guy]

Searching is a skill

Sometimes it is difficult to discern when a seemingly everyday activity requires an element of skill to get the best results. Yesterday, Jon Udell┬átalked about indexing and searching his Outlook mail. He writes: The Web has trained us, rightly, to expect that we just type in a word or two and get the “right” answer….