Home Server saves the day (again!)

1 minute read

There’s no two ways about it, Windows Home Server is cool. The backup system is excellent, especially the part where it only backs up identical clusters for ...

Updating file timestamps with PowerShell

1 minute read

I’ve recently copied over some Audible files from one PC to another. Had I used robocopy, I could have preserved all the timestamps but I just copied them in...

Free data recovery software - TestDisk

2 minute read

I’ve copied across my IE favourites to a new PC knowing that I need to spend some time going through them and reorganising. There are things there that proba...

Ouch, hot keys!

1 minute read

I used to use WinKey to bind the Windows key on the keyboard together with another key to use as a shortcut. By default, the Windows shell has some “hotkeys”...

Blogging with Subtext

2 minute read

Once I’d made the decision to begin blogging again, I had a look around to see whether I should change the engine used to host my blog.

What’s new?

1 minute read

In the two years since I last blogged, lots of things have changed. I still work for Microsoft and I’m still part of the Application Development Consulting (...

I’m back!

less than 1 minute read

You’d be forgiven for thinking that maybe I left for the PDC in September 2005 and never came back. The truth is work got on top of me and before I knew it, ...