less than 1 minute read

Kim Gräsman has a cool URL snipping tool for IE: Urlograph. It shortens URL’s from Amazon, Google, and MSDN so that you can paste them without the unnecessar...

Dell Power Adapter recall

less than 1 minute read

So it turns out that the power adapter that has been on pretty much 24x7 under my desk for the last couple of years is susceptible to overheating and is the ...

CopySourceAsHtml VS add-in

less than 1 minute read

This is definitely one of the easiest to use tools to turn source code into syntax colored HTML. It’s a Visual Studio plug-in. The HTML it generates uses CS...

MSN Music UK

less than 1 minute read

Richard Blewett posts about MSN Music being available in the UK. I’ve been using the UK service for the last few weeks and I’m reasonably impressed. There s...

.NET Developer Books

less than 1 minute read

Mike Taulty has a good selection of book recommendations for a .NET developer to have by their side.

Wanted: Application Development Consultants

1 minute read

I work for a team that is part of Microsoft Services in the UK. We provide consultancy and support to customers specifically related to application developme...

Blogging hiatus

less than 1 minute read

Things have been especially busy on my team over the last few weeks contributing to my lack of reading and hence lack of posting. Now that I’ve got the unrea...