The rights and wrongs of ASP.NET

In reply to this: IMHO viewstate is the second worst piece of the .NET Framework. The worst being “javascript:do_postback” instead of providing clean, lean and mean URLs. Oh wait, they are related — the latter is the necesary workaround for the former. Scott Hanselman writes: I think it’s actually damned clever, and quite possibly neccesary….

To STAThread or not?

Craig describes tracking back a nasty bug that turned out to be interop related and due to missing the [STAThread] attribute from his Main(). On the other hand, Eric Gunnerson wrote some time ago about how this would be missing from the boilerplate in console applications in Whidbey. Will this cause future problems?

Theory vs. Practicality

Mike Taulty: …when I went to University (here, starting around 15 years ago) we did some practical computing work but the emphasis was on computing theory. So, we did compilers, languages, databases and so on but we spent more time on computability, coding theory, linear algebra, automata, grammars, algorithms and complexity analysis and so on….

Architect, Developer, or Mathematician?

Michael Platt: I have done a ton of interviewing of architects and typically look for this simulated annealing in their problem solving approach using a number of architectural problems that I have come across that cannot be solved by [divide and conquer] (in fact make the problem worse). One of my favourite non technical interview…

Distributed data for security

Robert Hurlbut continues the thread about distributed computing with reference to data security. The thrust of the piece is about providing additional security in depth by physically distributing the data access tier of your application. At a high level I sort of agree with this and my comments may really be a difference of terminology…