Ah, the desktop window

less than 1 minute read

Raymond Chen slaps the wrists of developers who’ve ever used the GetDesktopWindow() call to populate the window handle parameter of some API call or other (...

Interplanetary Roadside Assistance

less than 1 minute read

Spirit fell silent, alone on the emptiness of Mars, trying and trying to reboot. And its human handlers at JPL seemed at a loss to help, unable to diagnose a...

To STAThread or not?

less than 1 minute read

Craig describes tracking back a nasty bug that turned out to be interop related and due to missing the [STAThread] attribute from his Main(). On the other h...

InfoPath SP-1 Preview

less than 1 minute read

LauraJ: Exciting news here about the InfoPath 2003 SP-1 preview that you can download here.

Architect, Developer, or Mathematician?

less than 1 minute read

Michael Platt: I have done a ton of interviewing of architects and typically look for this simulated annealing in their problem solving approach using a num...

Theory vs. Practicality

1 minute read

Mike Taulty: …when I went to University (here, starting around 15 years ago) we did some practical computing work but the emphasis was on computing theory. S...

Distributed data for security

1 minute read

Robert Hurlbut continues the thread about distributed computing with reference to data security. The thrust of the piece is about providing additional secur...

The Craftsman Series

less than 1 minute read

Craig points to The Craftsman Series. I also read and enjoyed these articles after a recent recommendation.

Life can be good with VMware

less than 1 minute read

Jon Kale talks about how, even when work sucks, life can be good with VMware and a dose of Snapshot and Revert. I think my experiment with Virtual PC 2004 ...

Xml Serialization fans step forward

less than 1 minute read

Scott Hanselman: I am a fan of XmlSerialization, and I’m a fan of anything that makes my job easier. We’re using the hell out of XmlSerialization on a proje...

Distributed security

less than 1 minute read

Robert Hurlbut follows up Sam Gentile’s post about distributed development. There’s not much I can argue with here. In my response yesterday, I mentioned se...

No runtime version of InfoPath

less than 1 minute read

Despite my initial scepticism, and what I consider to be a lack of direction from Microsoft about how best to utilise InfoPath, I’ve been bitten by the InfoP...

Where the tiers live

4 minute read

Sam Gentile writes about how he feels that developers don’t get the distributed paradigm when developing in .NET and that the documentation and literature do...

How clean is SOAP?

2 minute read

The February 2004 issue of Communications of the ACM includes an article entitled How clean is the future of SOAP? (sorry, you have to be a member or have a ...