POPFile and Outclass for spam

less than 1 minute read

After reading Simon’s recommendation for POPFile a week or so ago, I decided that I would give it a go after all. I’d looked at it previously but decided not...

AndAlso OrElse

less than 1 minute read

Paul Vick provides a bit of history about where the short circuiting logical operators got their names. One of the projects I’m working on currently is bein...

Handling Errors in ASP.NET

less than 1 minute read

CraigBlog: This is where it pays to be friends with Fritz Onion. :) I pinged him, and he suggested a clever little hack (in the good sense of that word) to ...

Designing with a Wiki

1 minute read

Scott Watermasysk: In part 1 of the interview, Anders mentions an internal wiki that is used for the design process. I would love to read that some day.