Over the last month, as part of Microsoft’s commitment to interoperability, we’ve published information for Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 describing variations from certain web standards… [continues on the IEBlog]

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Yesterday, a note was posted on the IE blog about the “hang recovery” feature in IE8 on Windows 7. During testing, it was found that the timer used to determine if a tab in IE is not being responsive was found to be a little too sensitive on some people’s computers, especially while using the built-in developer tools. Today, two updates for IE8 on Win7 RC are available through Windows Update. The first is the expected “compatibility list”. Since IE8 (and Windows 7) ship with an empty compatibility list, one needs to be downloaded after first...

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The Visual Studio and Internet Explorer teams discovered an issue affecting some of the code wizards in Visual Studio after installing IE8. Visual Studio hosts the browser control to implement the code wizards and the custom security manager that is part of VS doesn’t expect a request from IE about an URLACTION that wasn’t previously routed through the security manager. The Visual Studio team have posted a workaround on their blog. Technorati Tags: IE8,VS2005,VS2008,script error

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For as long as I can remember (I think going back to IE3), Internet Explorer has displayed a ToolTip containing the contents of the ALT attribute for IMG elements. Other browsers including Netscape 4 also showed the ToolTip. In IE7, this looks something like this: In IE8 standards mode, the ToolTip is no longer shown. This is a change we made to be more standards compliant, more interoperable with other current browsers, and to encourage more accessible mark-up. ToolTips are still shown in quirks and IE7 standards modes. The problem comes because having the ALT attribute displayed as...

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Scott Hanselman has a post talking about how to encourage users to upgrade their browser from IE6 to something newer. It’s true that there are still a large number of people using IE6. Previous versions of IE are the biggest competitor to new releases and in the past it has often taken around 18 months before the number of users of a new release surpasses the number of users of the previous release. As it turns out, adding conditional messages to pages asking people to upgrade their browser has limited success. Many of the users still with IE6 installed...

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