On 2nd May, 1997, the Tony Blair led the Labour Party to the first election victory over the Conservatives for 18 years. This was a landslide victory, the worst performance by the Conservatives for over 90 years, and a popular call for change by the people of the UK. The country was desperate for something different. There was such a feeling of relief, of new optimism, a belief that things would be better now. History will judge whether the New Labour experiment was a missed opportunity. As time passes, it’s inevitable that more and more people become disillusioned with...

Scott Hanselman: I'm asking for brown bread rather than wheat, ... I now can see where I’ve been going wrong only in reverse. Whenever I’ve asked for brown bread, I just get a “Huh?” in response. Technorati Tags: Moving To Seattle

I finally got around to buying a proper chair to sit on to use my PC at home. My hope is that now it is more comfortable to sit here I might actually get around to reading RSS feeds and even posting to my blog. :)