August 2002 Blog Posts

A big welcome to Adrian who seems to be a Microsoft/.NET type of guy. Thanks for the handy COM+ tip. [Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]

Wow - thanks for the mention, Sam. :o)

whois command line client

A Win32 port of whois client for Windows NT/2000. Download

If you create a client proxy installation for a COM+ application, you can specify the remote server name (RSN) on the command line to msiexec:

Msiexec /I  myapp.msi RemoteServerName=XYZ

This came from Q246057 BUG: RSN Cannot Be Changed in COM+ for an Application Proxy although the bug has nothing really to do with it.

Don't Break My Flow

If you’re a true programmer, you’ve been there. If you’ve done other types of intellectual work involving your brain, you can identify with this mental/emotional state called the flow (known to those in the sports community as the zone).

Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap 2002–2004

Having successfully completed initial projects with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, customers and their development organizations have asked Microsoft for a roadmap so they can more effectively plan their future investments in .NET-connected software.

Monster site of .NET Links and Resources. It has just come to my attention that Keene Systems is maintaining a most excellent .NET Resoource Site with tons of links. Great stuff! [Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]

Jenifer Tidwell: UI Patterns and Techniques. "Each of these patterns (which are more general) and techniques (more specific) are intended to help you solve design problems. They're common problems, and there's no point in reinventing the wheel every time you need, say, a sortable table -- plenty of folks have already done it, and learned how to do it well. Some of that knowledge is written up here, in an easily-digestible format." [almostperfect]

Caching with .NET Using Interfaces. has another decent .NET article on Caching. You can take a variety of approaches to caching with .NET, including using the built-in cache. For additional flexibility, try developing your own cache using advanced expiration techniques.
[Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]
TCP/IP Tutorial. Ran into a good introduction to TCP/IP, including simple explanations of the various layers and protocols and a detailed explanation of addressing. Recommended reading. [Peter Drayton's Radio Weblog]

URL Rewriting with ASP.NET

One of the most popular extensions to the Apache webserver has been mod_rewrite - this article describes a similar solution using ASP.NET.

OMNISCIUM - Nerdy Tips

[ Shawn A. Van Ness: win_tech_off_topic] Tab key filename completion

Here's another thing I like to tweak on my console: HKCU\Console\@WordDelimiters=".\ "

That controls how the [Ctrl+(arrow)] keys behave, when moving the cursor around on the command line...! (That's a dot, backslash, and space in the quotes... pick your poison.)