July 2002 Blog Posts

Q191168: INFO: Error "-2147168246 (8004d00a)" Failed to Enlist on Calling Object's Transaction

Solving "Failed to Enlist on calling object's transaction" or "New transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction coordinator" issues. Note: cooperating DTC's must be able to see each other with NetBIOS and be able to speak RPC to each other which means lose that firewall.

.NET Webservice Studio is a tool to invoke webmethods interactively. The user can provide a WSDL endpoint. On clicking button Get the tool fetches the WSDL, generates .NET proxy from the WSDL and displays the list of methods available. The user can choose any method and provide the required input parameters. On clicking Invoke the SOAP request is sent to the server and the response is parsed to display the return value.
Microsoft® Visio® for Enterprise Architects 2002 Service Release 1 (SR-1) Update is a planned service release providing the latest product updates to Visio for Enterprise Architects 2002. Updates include fixes for several issues in both the database modeling and software modeling solutions.
The Microsoft Visio® 2002/2000 Viewer: Web Component is a technology preview. This component allows Microsoft Visio users to freely distribute drawings and diagrams to team members, partners, customers, or others without requiring that they have Visio installed on their computers.
Update: my bits and pieces came from Dimension yesterday according to plan. Pleased with their service. Recommended.

dotMSN is a class library to make use of the MSN Messenger Service. The library is built in C# and can therefore be used by all languages the .NET environment supports. [Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]

I gave up on my implementation of something like this. Too many other people were doing the same thing and I didn't really have enough time in the end either to help (or compete!).

I've ordered a couple of components for my Dell laptop from Dimension Technology. They may not have a fancy web site but their prices look quite reasonable, they ship next day, oh and they were recommended to me. Should get my bits tomorrow all being well. I want to upgrade my hard drive so that I have more room for VMware virtual disks.

Simon Fell (on win_tech_off_topic):

>Does anyone know of C++ classes for FTP clients? Wininet wrappers are
>OK; MFC is not.

try cURL

I'm going to look at this too - looks interesting for a couple of projects I have in mind.

I've been looking at the O2 XDA. I'd like to upgrade my (relatively) old PPC to a Pocket PC. Reviews here:

O2's details here:

It looks impressive but I'm a little concerned about the cost of data airtime. I'm also not yet 100% convinced about carrying this around as my phone - could work though.

.NET Allocation Profiler tool (with source if you want it).

"Allocation Profiler is a tool for visualizing and analyzing allocations on the GC heap. It presents the data from this log file in a variety of interesting and useful views. It can be used to verify program execution (e.g. ensure you've allocated only the objects you thought) and to detect possible memory leaks. Simply launch AP, point it at your EXE and click a button."

I don't really like the Real Player programs - I know they're free but they always seem to insist on calling back to the Real Networks site and it's tough to work through all the settings to stop it. Unfortunately, some sites I've visited recently only have support for Real Audio so I've had to bite the bullet and reinstall again.

These are some instructions I found on Google for disabling some of the less than obvious settings:

From Real Networks:

Please follow the steps given below for the problem you are experiencing.

1. Open RealOne Player
2. Go to Tools menu Preferences My Library category
3. Uncheck the "Enable This Feature" box under the "Add Media Automatically to Library"
4. Click OK button in Preferences to confirm the change.


1. On the Tools menu, click Preferences.
2. In the Category pane, double-click Connection and then click Internet
3. Select the Only Perform Automatic Services While RealOne Player is in Use option. A warning message appears.
4. Click the No button in the message box.
5. In the Preferences window, click OK.

Not quite sure how I missed it, but apparently Internet Explorer has supported a view-source scheme since version 4. You can put view-source:http://www.visiontech.ltd.uk/ as a link and it should open the source view.

The ActiveX script engines for VBScript and JScript allow you to encode (not encrypt) you code to help shield it from prying eyes. It isn't intended to be impossible to decipher - just a chore.

These are some resources for decoding the scripts:

SQL Server Trace Flags. Trace flags are used to temporarily enable or disable specific database functions allowing you to change default database behavior or to observe hidden database behavior and will remain in effect until they are either manually turned off or SQL Server is restarted. Keep in mind that most trace flags are undocumented and Microsoft can and will change the behavior of the flag between SQL Server versions, service packs or hotfixes.
[Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]

Very useful.

Took me a while to find this - don't want to forget again. HOWTO: Retrieve an Icon for a File Class Without a File (Q179167).
Quick reminder: if you use the clipboard or drag-and-drop in a COM application then you need to call OleInitialize/OleUninitialize instead of CoInitialize(Ex)/CoUninitialize (or if you're using OLE of course).