June 2002 Blog Posts
Ever wanted to undelete files on an NTFS drive? File Scavenger 2.0 seems like it'll do the trick if it is possible (if the data hasn't been overwritten already).
I noticed that I'm getting quite a few hits through Google for the note I wrote about MFC70.DLL and OLEACC.DLL, especially related to Win95. With this in mind, I've made the OLEACC replacement project (it wasn't my idea - I just followed someone else's instructions) available including a release binary of OLEACC.DLL for people to download. It's a VS.NET project, but if you're using MFC70.DLL, you've more than likely got a way to build that :o).
Useful free VB6 code including MD5 digest calculation source in VB, VBScript, and JavaScript.

One of the reasons I started using Radio was with the intention that I could record useful web links or factlets that I would be sure to want again in future in an easy to search and archived fashion. I haven't really done that enough, but that's the reason for this entry.

ADO/MDAC supports the concept of data link files which are a little like ODBC file DSNs, but allow you to work with OLE DB providers. I keep forgetting what they are called (UDL files) so here are some links:

HOWTO: Use Data Link Files with ADO (Q189680)
SAMPLE: How to Create a Data Link File with Windows 2000 (Q244659)
HOWTO: Use Data Links to Create a Connection String at Run Time (Q218600)
HOWTO: Persist Data Links Programmatically (Q283245)

XDuplicator makes a great GUI front-end to the CDRDAO toolset. Best of all, they're both free.
"My first experiences with Oracle 9i".