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In the two years since I last blogged, lots of things have changed. I still work for Microsoft and I’m still part of the Application Development Consulting (ADC) team in the UK. Just over a year ago, I stopped doing a consulting delivery role and took on the programme manager position for the team. This job is sort of a meta-consulting role - I’m involved in two core areas. The first is helping the sales teams to scope new consulting gigs (balancing the needs of both Microsoft and the customer so it’s a win-win for both and we’re set for success) before the ADCs take over the main customer relationship during the delivery phase. The second is to act as an escalation point for both customers and consultants to help ensure we provide the best possible service delivering the most value for our customers. Together with the principal consultants in the team, I help to ensure we provide a consistent high-quality service.

One of the aspects that I’m involved in is developing and executing the marketing plan for the team. We provide a fantastic but little known developer consulting service and we’re working hard to get the word out so people know where to come. I’m pleased that in the last couple of months we’ve launched the first version of our web site outlining the UK Application Development Consulting offering. We’ll be adding more detail about both the service and the team behind it in the coming months.

Finally, we’re still hiring. We have jobs listed as located in Manchester, Edinburgh and Reading. In fact, we have customers throughout mainland UK (and a few beyond) so wherever you live in the UK we can probably accommodate you. If you want to join one of the highest-calibre developer consulting teams in the country, get in touch.